Suggestion for maintaining student training record

1. The welding teacher maintains a TASK LIST I * TASK LIST II * TASK LIST III for each student as a record of progress / completion / grading: student may maintain a copy also.

2. Student fills out a SPECIFICATION SHEET for a selected task.

3. The student fills out / follows a PROCEDURE SHEET for the selected task.

4. The student completes a QUALIFICATION SHEET for the selected task. The student can keep these sheets / forms in a note book or file folder.

Back when I was teaching I used a Data Based program (FileMaker Pro) to manage everything from inventory, to lesson plans, quiz & tests, to grading, to the forms above. This was all done offLine. The internet as we know it today was not availabe to me at that time. I actually never used this site for training but only for information, resource and research. I only uploaded theses forms and other training material as a model or example of what can be done today. Everything on the site is free; so you can download the forms but I am not sure if they are print friendly. As stated this is just one suggestion.

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