Shielded Metal Arc Welding ( SMAW )

1. What are the three basic current outputs for shielded metal arc welding machines?


B. CC, CP, CV.

2. The power source output for shielded Metal Arc Welding is.

A. Constant Voltage.

B. Constant Current.

C. Constant Potential.

D. Constant Amperage.

3. Current selection for Shielded Metal Arc Welding is usually based on.

A. the electrode coating.

B. the electrode size.

C. the base metal .

D. all of the above.

4. Match the process varaible with the welding operator Control.

A. too fast - too slow.

B. too short - too long.

C. too steep - too shallow.

D. too high - too low.

5. In question four above, the variables are based on.

A. base metal alloy and thickness.

B. the desired outcomes.

C. the weld position.

D. the weld joint and type.

6. The amperage setting is normally based on.

A. the metal alloy and thickmess.

B. the electrode diameter.

C. the weld joint and position.

D. the electrode type and length.

7. The operator technique (Drag - Whip - Oscillate ) usually depends on.

A. the weld position

B. the weld size.

C. the electrode coating type.

D. all of the above.

8. Match the Burning characteristic - manipulative technique - F number.

A. Fast Freeze = =

B. Fast Fill = =

C. Fill Freeze = =

D. Fast Follow = =

9. A change in arc length will produce a change in ______________________.

A. amperage.

B. voltage.

C. a change in both A and B.

D. the energy input.

10. The welding polarity selection is.

A. based on the burning characteristic of the electrode.

B. based on the direction you are welding.

C. based on the electrode coating type.

D. based on both A and C.

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