Mechanical Properties


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Internal resistance to force or load.

A material's resistance to failure through tension. (Load / cross section).

Change in length due to an applied load. (final length. - original length ) / original length.

The measure of a material's ability to resist a load without rupture, collapse, failure or undue distortion.

Resistance to deformation and fracture by indentation or impact.

Resistance to fracture after deformation has began by loading in tension.

Resistance to deformation, fracture or failure through stress, impact, tension and compression.

Resistance to fracture after deformation has began by loading in compression.

Progressive fracture or failure caused by repeated cycles of stress.

Rupture with little or no permanent deformation.

A material's resistance to fatigue.

Continuing deformation under stress without an increase in load.

The ability of a material to return to its original shape after deformation; stored energy that is released upon the removal of the load.

Resistance to elasticity.

A marked increase in deformation without an increase in load.

A change in cross section due to applied load. (original area - final area ) / original area.

Permanent mechanical change produced by force or load. {yield to stress}

Resistance to permanent deformation under load.{stress energy}

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