Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( GTAW )

1. The GTAW process was primarily developed to weld.

A. Thin metal.

B. Magnesium.

C. Aluminum, Stainless steel and pipe.

D. Both A and C above.

2. GTAW, is the same as TIG and HELI-ARC.

A. True.

B. False.

C. True and / or False


3. Which is an advantage of GTAW.

A. Travel speeds.

B. Easy to operate.

C. Sound welds.

D. Operating costs.

4. Which industry was primarily responsible for developing the GTAW process.

A. Defense.

B. Commercial / Transportation

C. ShipBuilding.

D. Nuclear power plants.

5. A primary advantage of helium gas is.

A. Travel speed / penetration.

B. Penetration / better shielding

C. Better gas shielding.

D. Better shielding / travel speed.

6. A primary advantage of argon gas is.

A.Travel speed / penetration

B. Penetration / better shielding.

C. Better gas shielding.

D. Better shielding / travel speed.

7. The hazards of GTAW may be less than other welding processes.

A. True.

B. False



8. Match the color code with the type of tungsten.

A. Red.

B. Yellow.

C. Brown.

D. Green.

9. Select the parts of a GTAW torch.

A. Nozzle, collet, gas lens.

B. Cup, collet body, collet.

C. Contact tip, cup, collet body.

D. Gas diffuser, contact tube, Nozzle,

10. Which current polarity can not be used for GTAW.

A. Direct current reverse polarity.

B. Alternating current.

C. Direct current straight polarity.

D. None of the above.

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