Gas Metal Arc Welding ( GMAW )

1. The GMAW process was originally developed by.


2. Select the basic types of metal transfer.


3. Slope is the relationship between.

A. Travel speed and weld position.

B. Wire speed and Current.

C. Voltage and Amperage setting.

D. Gun angle and Arc length.

4. In the term < E70S-3 > the " S " indicates.

A. Silicon.

B. Solid.

C. Semi-automatic.

D. Shielded.

5. Select the best advantage of GMAW below.

A. Welding travel speed.

B. Equipment set-up and maintenance.

C. Out of position welding.

D. Weld quality.

6. GMAW is un-reliable in producing high quality welds in all positions.

A. True.

B. False

7. Which gas / gases can be used with the GMAW process.

A. Argon

B. Argon / Carbon Dioxide.

C. Helium.

D. All of the above.

8. The terms Cast & Helix refer to.

A. The composition of the welding wire.

B. A condition in the mig gun liner.

C. The reaction of a strand of welding wire when removed from the coil.

D. Several internal parts of the wire feeder.

9. The correct reading of the float ball in a flow meter is.

A. By reading top of the float ball.

B. By reading the center of the float ball.

C. By reading the bottom of the float ball.

D. By referencing the manufactures recommendations.

10. In the term < GMAW-S > the " S " indicates.

A. Shielded transfer.

B. Short circuiting transfer.

C. Spray transfer

D. Semi-automatic transfer.

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