BluePrint Reading


1. Identify the lines above.

A. B. C.

D. E. F.

2. The above lines are usually found on isometric drawings.

A. True.

B. False

3. Two main types of drawings are.

A. Isometric and Pictorial.

B. Orthographic and Pictorial

C. Isometric and Orthographic.

4. The dimension line usually specifies.

A. Size and location.

B. Height, length and width .

C. Angles, lengths and diameters.

5. What welding process is to be used to make the weld above.


6. What alloy is the object made of? ( refer to letter I above ).

A. Cast iron.

B. Copper / Brass.

C. Steel alloy.

D. Aluminum / Magnesium.

7. Letter G above refers to.

A. The title block.

B. Reference specifications.

C. Engineering information.

D. Bill of materials / parts list.

8. Letter H above refers to.

A. The title block.

B. Reference box.

C. Address box (email / phone number )

D. QC information.

9. How is the part welded?

A. In the flat position.

B. Fillet weld all around.

C. Standard method.

D. Un-specified.

10. An Orthographic drawing is.

A. Two dimensional.

B. Three dimensional.

C. One dimensional.

D. All of the above.

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